David Crowder Landscapes


April 1 (Decking, Landscaping)

Windlesham - Main image

This garden was designed in house. The client’s main objective was to level off the garden to make it feel bigger and become more useable. They also wanted a hard standing area in the bottom corner of the garden, to catch the morning sun, and in the top corner of the garden, to catch the evening sun.

 Indian sand stone waling was used to terrace the garden to match in with the existing patio. The lower area was decked as the clients did not want all hard paving.

Using matching Indian sand stone sets for the pathway and 100mm sand stone walling blocks for all lawn edging and wall capping helps to tie each area of the garden together. 


Windlesham - Before image 1Windlesham - Before image 2Windlesham - Before image 3Windlesham - Before image 4


Windlesham - After image 1Windlesham - After image 6Windlesham - After image  7Windlesham - After image 8