David Crowder Landscapes


February 1 (Block Paving)

Guildford - Main image

This small town garden was not practical for our client who wanted a low maintenance garden which would be good for entertaining.

We removed the old lawn and terraced the garden to give two level areas. Due to the height of the shed we put this on the lower level, with the addition of a trellis screen the shed is now completely hidden in a small space. 

The trellis screen will also give the garden some height and the surrounding planting beds will soften the edges of the paving. 


Guildford - Before image 1Guildford - Before image 2Guildford - Before image 3Guildford - Before image 4


Guildford - After image 1Guildford - After image 6Guildford - After image  7Guildford - After image 8