David Crowder Landscapes


July 1 (Block Paving)

Farnborough - Main image

This garden was terraced into three levelled areas with brick retaining walls constructed to hold back the soil and create the planting beds.

The steps where made into a feature going up the centre of the garden, drawing your eye to the back patio. Two pergolas where use to add height to the design and a small water feature on the lowest level gives the subtle sound of trickling water. 

Each level was laid to lawn with a small paved area on the lowest level and a larger patio and swimming pool added to the very back of the garden.   


Farnborough - Before image 1Farnborough - Before image 2Farnborough - Before image 3Farnborough - Before image 4


Farnborough - After image 1Farnborough - After image 6Farnborough - After image  7Farnborough - After image 8