Case Study: Finchampstead

Case Study: Finchampstead


April 1, 2009

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David Crowder Landscapes

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A feature in a garden doesn’t have to be a big expensive structure it could be something as small as the shape of a patio or lawn. Even a few well placed plants or lights can be used to highlight an existing structure or tree to make it a feature of the garden. Features can be used for a variety of different reasons such as to draw your eye way from or towards an area. Some subtle ways in which you could incorporate a feature would be the use of decorative brick work in a wall, patio or a small bubble fountain.


Alternatively you may wish to have a bold centre piece in the garden where you could use anything from decorative planting to a large water feature or pond. Art structures and paintings can even be used. A well thought-out feature will grab your attention but will still be in harmony with the rest of the garden.